Video. Virtual home sold for the insane price of $ 500K

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An artist designed a house on Mars. This virtual house was put up for sale and bought in cryptocurrency for $ 500,000 by NTF, which is a virtual title deed based on blockchain technology.

Do you want a dream house overlooking the planet Mars? Contemporary artist Krista Kim designed a virtual mansion to live on the Red Planet. The property, called Mars House, has sold for just over $ 500,000. The title deed for this unique home is virtual like its design. In fact, the creator has “coded” her home to sell as NFT, a kind of virtual title to the title. All for 288 Ether (ETH).

No kitchen but shower

In this home, the interior space is largely open to the outside thanks to the large windows. Outside, the garden furniture offers a stunning view of the Mars Hills and the mandarin sky. Inside, all the modern amenities, except that it would be impossible for virtual residents to cook. And the artist considered that the usual equipment is not suitable because we do not eat in a virtual world. Ironically, we can still shower.

House of Mars (2020) From Christa Kim running Vimeo.

NTF mutation

The kind of transactions using these virtual symbols in the art world is thriving. Many virtual (and real) items were sold through NFT such as animations, pictures, tweets, or short videos. Such is the case with the work of artist Beeple (Mike Winckelmann). On February 26, American collector Pablo Rodriguez-Friel bought the short (Ten Seconds) animation video for sale for a staggering $ 6.6 million.

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Creating this home in a virtual world embodies the artist’s reflection on the place of technology in our lives. In 2014, Krista Kim launched her ‘Tech’ movement. On his site, Where to publish the statementYou have been wondering where beauty has been in virtual reality since Web 2.0 came into our lives. The artist claims through his work that he wants to reconcile technological innovation with artistic creativity. With its home on Mars, the bet seemed to be a hit.

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