Video – United States: Exciting gifts for an employer

One and two gifts that will never be forgotten by the 500 employees who work at Spanx Lingerie. Their boss, business manager Sarah Blakely, decided to give each of them a check for $ 10,000 (approximately, 8,600). Icing on the cake: They will all have two first class air tickets to the place they want. Suffice it to say that the situation during the announcement, especially among the staff, was happy, as shown in the video of 20H TF1 above this article.

The purpose of this generous gesture “Reward your teams”, Report Hafost. The surprise was announced at a meeting celebrating the acquisition of the investment fund, which has now raised the company’s valuation to nearly one billion euros.

Sarah Blackley started her underwear business with 5,000 euros in her pockets. After a meteor hike, Entrepreneur is on the cover of the magazine Forbes. He became one of the youngest billionaires in the world.

Like her, some employers have already shown great generosity, he recalled Western France. In 2015, a Chinese employer invited his 6,400 employees to C டிte d’Azur over the weekend.

A surgery estimated at 13 to 20 million euros. Most recently, in 2019, 198 employees of the US company St. John Properties received a $ 10 million bonus, which was distributed according to the seniority of the employees.

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