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The group of audio-visual artists Kiranil has settled in La Cellule, a cellar on Pierre-Aeby Street in Fribourg, where they organize exhibitions

Video installation during the Asomnia exhibition. © Dimitri Kanel
Video installation during the Asomnia exhibition. © Dimitri Kanel

Published on 30.05.2022

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Culture “In” La Cellule “, a cellar on the rue Pierre Epi in Fribourg, the team of video artists Keranelle decided to settle. Comprised of directors, illustrators, photographers and graphic designers, the group defines itself as a collective art production focused on audiovisual creativity aimed at creating vivid works.

The Keranel group originally existed only through publicity that different members tried to do on social networks: “It was trying and demoralizing. Having a place to showcase our work now allows us to reach a different audience as well as give a greater reality to our business and our group”, A member of the group, Tibod Gumi, 20, explains. Thanks to La Cellule, artists can now gather an audience around tangible items.

In fact, for more than a year, Kiranil, which means light in Madagascar, has been organizing exhibitions and concerts

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