Video. “Prime” in England, the new drink driving the British crazy?

Images of Britons rushing to supermarket shelves selling the new drink have been flooding social media for days.

Will “Prime,” marketed by two popular YouTubers, Logan Ball (23.6 million subscribers) and KSI (16.1 million subscribers), drive its customers crazy in Great Britain? Hydration, a drink described as ideal for athletes, even energy, in any case turns heads every time it appears on the shelves.

A few days ago, Aldi chain stores were selling a few hundred bottles per store. In France the commercial operations of brands such as Nutella or in some cases at Lidl, this “incident” caused many crashes in front of the stalls. The footage was widely circulated on social media.

In the face of this enthusiasm, most shops have imposed a purchase limit of three bottles per customer to avoid injustice. But the craziness is that some people don’t hesitate to film the supermarket staff “cheating” by buying more bottles before the door opens. An application developed specifically to help customers find stores that still have “prime” bottles on their shelves has been launched.

The brand partially sells its bottles through its official website, offering favorable promotions to its customers. He announced that his products will be sold in other European countries in the coming months.

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