Video game paid by social security


  • Retinal diseases, such as AMD or macular edema, are among the leading causes of vision impairment and blindness in Europe.
  • The use of this application is contraindicated for people with epilepsy.

Play can keep us healthy. The health insurance company is currently experimenting with an Odysight video game. Available on smartphones, discover visual disturbances, but not to treat them. It must be prescribed by an ophthalmologist who can use the patient’s results to determine visual disturbances.

Odyssey: What game does health insurance pay for?

Odysight is based on two tools: visual tests and puzzles. It is intended for patients who require regular visual monitoring, particularly those with pathologies Retina or is likely to develop it. “The puzzles, original, fun and of increasing difficulty, reinforce patients’ motivation for their examinations: users who solve the puzzles are actually three times more observant over time.locate its creators on their site.

Thanks to the dashboard, the prescribing doctor can access all patient results in real time. “If the application detects a decrease in visual acuity, it invites the patient to repeat the test the next day, Develops an Odysight press release. If a second test confirms the results, a notice of loss of visual acuity is sent to the patient to encourage them to make an appointment with a healthcare professional.At the same time, the A doctor He sees his patient’s profile displayed in red on his dashboard.

Why does health insurance pay for a video game?

Odysight redemption is allowed thanks to Section 51 of the Social Security Funding Act. it comesInnovations that improve patient care and healthcare system efficiencyIn short, it aims to identify early enough on diseases To allow for better care, avoiding unnecessary monitoring visits.

in a ProjectEdward Jasser, co-founder of Tilak Healthcare, which created the game, also explains that he wants to “Providing a response to the structural demographic “scissors effect”: the density of ophthalmologists decreases while the number of patients with chronic maculopathy increases, particularly due to an aging population“.

At the moment, the app is in the beta phase: 1,500 patients have received specific codes to use Toy Free. Ultimately, you must join the list of products and devices that health insurance reimburses.

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