video. Doullens Pool turned into a street art space for graffiti artists before it was destroyed

Doullens in the Somme, doomed to destruction, has become a support for graffiti artists from all over France during the summer. This set of temporary works will be publicly available and free at the beginning of the school year.

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After the Abbeville building at the end of 2020, the Pôle des Cultures urbaines de la Somme is now implementing the project blessing transmission In Dolenz, in the Somme. Here again, graffiti artists take over the building, doomed to destruction, to turn it into an ephemeral and monumental work of street art.

The Marc Revue pool is unrecognizable. New frescoes every day cover the old walls. Fantastic characters, creatures of the abyss that surprise Roman, a savior here for years: “Here there were cabins everywhere. When we actually removed all the lockers, the pool was a bit dead. And there they bring it back to life, so it’s really beautiful. It’s nice to see, every time we pass a corridor we say to ourselves: “Ah, yes they did!” embarrassed.

A project initiated by the municipality. After 46 years of service, the old pool will be destroyed and replaced with a large residence. A place that will witness the passing of generations of Doulllennais, who will be invited to discover this work of art at the end of the summer. “It will be available free for four months, August 26 through December 30, afternoon and evening, weekdays and weekends. And there will be a reception with young students, for example, to guide the audience‘, details Kristel Heffer, Mayor (DVD) for Dollins.

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About fifteen graffiti artists, from all over France, would follow each other all summer in what was still the Dolen’s Pool a few months ago. Aubin, from the Beauvaisian collective “Cache-Misère”, is putting the finishing touches to his fresco on the theme of water, happy to leave the street and highlight his work.

We’re getting out of our little abandoned barns, it’s cute”, he admits. And when we asked him if the graffiti artist also does not adopt some form of secrecy, he replied: “Yes a little, it started like that and then gradually we see that our work is popular and then today we are here, present.”

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