Video – Afghanistan: How is the UK handling evictions?

CHAOS – Air exits continue in Kabul and British cycles are accelerating to the ground ahead of the August 31 deadline. An evacuation process overseen by the Royal Air Force, in which Sky News published pictures.

Departures from Kabul are carried out with many difficulties, especially for the pilots of the pilots responsible for taking the Afghans to safer areas. Concise and dangerous approach conditions, in tired and crowded passengers, a precise layout on the ground despite the confusion. The Sky News team followed the Royal Air Force evacuation process.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

In the images released by the channel, vehicles marked “UK 2 Para” (2nd Parachute Regiment) and “Airborne” are seen slowly approaching the entrance of Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul. There, players undergo an initial check-in, which provides access to a large waiting area outside the airport. Within a week, concrete barriers and barbed wire fences were urgently installed to define their perimeter and repel the flood of civilians rushing there.

More than 1800 people were evacuated in 24 hours

Meanwhile, the detained Afghans set up tents and invited soldiers throughout the day to show their official documents. But only those with the correct documents verified by the British military can go further and claim to enter the so-called “processing” area at the airport.

The idea is to create a decay room for these citizens and show them that they are safe now. RAF soldiers no longer have bulletproof vests to carry out checks and searches. This is done to ensure that everyone is well fed and well cared for. The pace of exit has intensified and exit candidates do not have to wait several days to board. In the last 24 hours, 1821 British citizens and Afghans landed at the Royal Air Force base in Bryce Norton, England.

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Estimated by the British Government “Impossible” The United States has postponed its withdrawal from Afghanistan after August 31, ahead of a virtual summit of the G7 dedicated to the country’s crisis. “I think this is not possible”, British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced. “Not only for what the Taliban have said, but I think it’s not possible if you look at President Biden’s public statements.”

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