video. A kitchen and laundry for homeless families in Lyon

Cooking, washing clothes … It’s not easy to live in a room with several people. L’Archipel in Villeurbanne offers people staying in a hotel a kitchen and laundry area upon registration. Results, 5 months after opening, are encouraging.

The Archipelago Kitchens opened last December and are available to homeless people staying in hotels without a kitchen. Precious moments in the chaos of everyday life.

Lemi arrived from Albania six years ago. Three times a week she comes to this third center to feed her family of seven. “I love. In the hotel it is difficult to wash clothes and cookHere, she explains, she has everything she needs. Right next door, Shorina is also busy, she prepares typical Georgian dishes. A fun and friendly way to maintain a connection with her history and culture.

Spaces for shared living, these kitchens are 120 square meters2 Above all it makes it possible to combat food insecurity more effectively. The laundry room allows you to wash your clothes. Funded by the city of Villeurbanne and the state, this unique place in the capital is soon taken by storm.
We have 50 families frequenting the place, which is about 150 people just five months after opening. All reservation fields are filled. We’re running at full speed both in the laundry room and in the kitchen.enthuses Etienne Prime, director of service for Le Mas association.

“In France, food is a vector of culture. It is very important in our uses. These are places that bring people together, that allow us to live together.

Etienne Prime,

Le Mas Association.

In the city of Lyon, there are currently between 700 and 1,000 homeless people in hotels. So the needs are great.
The archipelago’s third food hub will be in the testing phase for two years. Partnerships are underway. The city also wants to create a link with the residents.
Funded by Villeurbanne and Plan France Relance, this project is part of the national strategy to prevent and combat poverty and especially food insecurity.
archipelago cantina – Raphaël-de-Barros car park, 185 avenue Anatole France, 69100 Villeurbanne

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