[VIDÉO] A fight between two Disney families, three people arrested and one injured

A violent fight between two families at Walt Disney World in Florida led to one person being hospitalized and led to three arrests Wednesday night.

According to a video posted on the Walt Disney World News Today (WDWNT) blog, the argument allegedly occurred between Cinderella’s castle and Peter Pan’s flying ride in the Magic Kingdom park.

The police investigated and later arrested three people on charges of assault and battery. A spokesperson for the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orlando said in a statement sent to NBC News that one person was hospitalized with a minor injury.

At this time, it is impossible to determine the cause of the controversy. One of the families involved in the fighting reportedly contacted WDWNT to tell their version of the facts.

Allegedly it all started before the show when someone was pushed, but it wasn’t until after the show where the fight really broke out.

A WDWNT source claimed that her family had been “a lifetime ban from Disney” and were kicked out of the resort, even though they booked for another two weeks.

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