victory on youtube

NS United State and on United kingdom, app users spend more time on tik tok This is on Youtube. Information on this topic comes fromapp Annie, a company that specializes in monitoring applications.

According to App Annie’s report, tik tok get over it Youtube where June 2020 to me United kingdom. We note thatChinese app Has long been in competition with Youtube from United States of America. In fact, the two contenders several times took each other’s place towards end of 2020. only through April this year That TikTok has reached heights. However, his victory only affects Average usage time per user.

Partial victory for TikTok

And tik tok abdicate Youtube At one point, the US app is still in the lead from a global point of view. In fact, the video giant is important Nearly two billion users In month. As for his rival, he only lists 700 million In the middle of 2020.

YouTube remains in the lead overall.

according to Jimmy McEwan, from enders analysis, size youtube audience It means that it affects groups of people who Little use of the Internet. Which means that both are On-line View content on the US platform.

Jimmy added that the fileAmerican app outperformed China in terms of Total time spent on social network. Similarly, users of Youtube when equal commitment, even higher than tik tok. But despite everything, the last Jimmy is considered a success.

It should be noted that the data taken into account app Annie only worry Android smartphones. By the way, it is well known In China under name dwinAnd tik tok It has a special place in it.

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Why live broadcast apps

Since 2020And tik tok he is here Most downloaded in the world Between social, multimedia and entertainment applications. In the same year, the Chinese social network began challenging YouTube Expenses created on their platform.

TikTok offers users to support banners with coins.

according to Annie app report, and applications that integrate broadcast live feed them Spending on banners. it’s because of Three quarters of spending carried out on Top 25 from social networks come from this type of application. Expenses that apply to the first semester of this year.

In fact, tik tok Its users are allowedEncourage content creators during their lives. On the other hand, viewers have the opportunity to buy ” Coins “ Or virtual currencies that they can then offer to live stream creators. And youtube, For its part, it offers an option similar to live broadcasting.

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