Victoria Gauna with the Argentina national team for the Olympic qualifiers | Sports | exhibition

TheArgentina will be part of Group B, where they will face the United States, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Canada, Brazil, Colombia, the Virgin Islands, and El Salvador are found in group A.

The competition, which serves as an Olympic qualifier for the Tokyo Games for the Americas, kicks off on Friday, with Argentina facing the Dominican Republic.

The relationship between Argentina and Jeters is not new, this is confirmed by the coach of the women’s team, Craig Norman.

“We were able to recruit a few youngsters from Argentina. First, Mara-Liz Marchessotti, who played five years for us (and who participated in the FIBA ​​Basketball World Cup with Argentina in 2018) and then we were able to recruit Amaiquen Siciliano, who was named the best player in the RSEQ in 2019, plus. To be Bishop’s Sportsman of the Year. We contacted Victoria through Amaiquen,” Craig Norman recalls.

And last summer she decided to come to Bishops. It was a long process, and she was finally accepted into Bishop for the holiday season, after which she took three distance learning courses. She was in the squad last winter, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she was unable to attend. It’s ready for September. “

“I think it will allow us to put everything in place. Two years ago, we had on our list Amaiquen, who was part of the USPORTS First All-Star Team and Jael Kabunda, who was named Junior Rookie of the Year in Canada. In doing so I became the first female Gaiters in History gets that title. I think Victoria will give us another great offensive punch and being a very good player, she would make everyone better. She’s 6’1″, she’s athletic, she has a really good sense of the game, and that’s a huge plus for us.”

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“It is a huge achievement for a 19-year-old to be part of a national team trying to qualify for the Olympics. She will start her college life with us only next fall. It will be a great experience for her and I think it will be a great asset to our program.”

The Gaiters finished second in the RSEQ Conference in 2019-2020 with a score of 10-6, behind Laval (12-4).

In the playoffs, the girls lost 61-48 to UQAM in the semifinals.

Craig Norman says all hopes are high for the upcoming season.

Announcement next week?

Everything indicates that RSEQ will finish its various scenarios and announce, next week, a return to the college sports game.

The football team has already received this confirmation, and it is she who plays in the Atlantic Conference. The Maritimes confirmed earlier this week a return to “normal” next fall for its various college sports.

“It’s been a very special year for everyone. It looks like we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We’re very optimistic about playing next fall. More than half of our team are staying on campus, the girls are working and training hard. Every week they ask us when they will finally be able to play.” We hope to give them good news next week,” says the coach.

“There will definitely be a transition period. No one has played since March 2020. Although we trained, no one has played a match. At the end of August or the beginning of September we will have to focus on preparing well so that we are ready and available to play competitive matches. It will be the mental aspect. Also important. We’ll have to start quietly, get on the bench, and around November or December we should get our speed back up.”

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