Victoria 3: a new strategy game from Paradox

The Victorian era saw the world transform thanks to new technologies, but also thanks to new ways of thinking or even political perception. Among these novelties, one could cite railways, telegraphs, steamboats, the birth of aviation, military service or even emancipation and campaigns for women’s rights. This turbulent century is coming to life Victoria 3, A major historical strategy game by Paradox.

For years, society has been clamoring for the sequel to one of the most iconic Paradox games. Victoria 3 is indeed one of the most anticipated strategy games in publisher history. It falls in the Victorian era, a period undergoing great changes. Pay attention to people’s needs and desires, and each has their own political and material preferences.

If conservative parties risk resisting some political reforms, more and more merchants and intellectuals would like, on their part, to have a greater say in running the nation. Trade and invest, with the rest of the world, a wide range of products to ensure that your residents’ needs are met. If people start to starve and are deprived of their basic rights, then revolutions will not take long to organize.

About Victoria 3

  • A complete community simulation: cultural, economic and ideological divisions collide for power and access to resources in one of the games that contain the most historical details
  • Preserve your national garden: Feed your people, educate them, and prepare them for the future, thus ensuring their prosperity while improving their happiness.
  • Industrial Age Wonders: Scientific and social progress gives you the opportunity to improve the lives of your citizens
  • An advanced economic system: importing goods to reduce costs and exporting others to enrich your citizens. Then taxes on it to fund your projects
  • Be diplomatic: maintain harmonious relations with your neighbors, provoke a crisis to reap resources, or force the opening of new markets.
  • Political partnerships: Managing the competing interests of your government, and instituting new reforms even if that means risking revolution if the majority votes are not heard
  • A detailed, living world: cities grow larger and industries darken the landscape. Play as one of dozens of countries around the world and try to make your place at the top
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