Victor Wimpanyama is eagerly awaiting the NBA Championship

He is the basketball player that Americans are eagerly awaiting for the 2023-2024 NBA season. Victor Wimbanyama has been announced as The future star of the American basketball championship. For Magic Johnson, the legend of the sport, he is simply the best player in the world. New mark The young star over 2.20 meters tall is on the cover of the American sports reference magazine, Sports Illustrated.

During the derby match between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets, young Henry – 22 – accompanied a group of teenagers there. for him, This front page of Victor Wimbanyama in the American magazine reminds him of someone. “It’s a good sign. Before him, there was LeBron James. Everyone wants to do that kind of coverage,” he explains on the RTL mic.

LeBron James is the leading scorer in the history of the American championship. Los Angeles Lakers player qualified Victor Wimpanyama, “Extraterrestrial”Generation talent. For Henry, the Frenchman is missing something. He needs “more muscle,” he says. “If he gains muscle mass, he’s going to explode in the NBA,” says Henry.

He has everything to become a star.

To see if this enthusiasm is premature, you need to approach the quiet press room in Madison Square Garden. Tim Capstraw, who commentates tournaments for a radio station in Brooklyn, is one of the best professionals in the NBA. “When you combine his size with his skill, we haven’t seen that for a long time. The whole tournament is so impatient,” he analyzes on RTL.

However, it brings a nuance. “He has everything to become a star, without a doubt. But he hasn’t proven it yet,” exasperates the specialist.

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for now, The mystery remains as to the name of the club for which he will play Victor Wimbanyama. It will be announced at the end of June. The Frenchman will then have to confirm the expectations that weigh him down.

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