Very talented new wireless headphones

Heralded widely, OnePlus has officially unveiled its new headphones designed with Dynaudio technology. And the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 ticks all the boxes!

No need for CES to get people talking! OnePlus hosted an event in China this week to show it off Its new advanced smartphone OnePlus 11. An interesting device that will also be released elsewhere in the world. But on this occasion, the manufacturer has also lifted the veil on its new wireless headphones, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2. And on paper, these new models look particularly talented!

Everything for sound

OnePlus has worked with Dynaudio, the Danish speaker manufacturer (also a partner of Oppo, which is part of the same OnePlus group, BBK). In fact, you can expect high-quality sound reproduction with an 11mm transducer that focuses on low frequencies, and a 6mm tweeter for a wider vocal range and clear vocals. OnePlus promises sound without any distortion” with all its shades With the help of MelodyBoost Dual Drivers technology, a coaxial system that drives two speakers.

In terms of supported formats and codecs, OnePlus announces support for LC3 (hence the very promising Bluetooth LE Audio standard that reduces headphone latency to 54ms) and LHDC 5.0. Modern wireless headphones can’t do without active noise reduction, and that’s also the case, of course, with these new models that rely on three microphones to reduce external noise by up to 48dB.

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Add to the lot up to 6 hours of battery life per earbud (with active noise reduction), extendable up to 39 hours thanks to the case, as well as the IP55 certification for splash resistance, and you have headphones that many will the ears! OnePlus will announce the availability of these headphones on February 7 during the OnePlus Cloud event (there will also be talk of launching the OnePlus 11 outside of China). In China, the OnePlus Buds Pro 2 costs 899 yuan, or about 125 euros.

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