Very good news for the Senegalese

The UK will provide nine million Covid-19 vaccines around the world, especially in Africa and Asia, to help fight the pandemic. Senegal is one of the countries benefiting from this vaccination under Covax. He will get exactly 140,160 doses of the vaccine. The announcement was made on Wednesday, July 28, by Secretary of State Dominic Raab.

Of the 9 million doses donated by the UK, five million were donated to COVAX, a program to ensure equitable and universal access to Covid-19 vaccines. COVAX will urgently distribute it to low-income countries through a fair allocation system that prioritizes providing vaccines to those who need them most.

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An additional four million doses will be shared directly with countries in need. Thus, Senegal will receive 140,160 doses, 600,000 doses will go to Indonesia, and 300,000 doses will be sent to Jamaica, among other countries.

As a reminder, the UK has pledged to donate 100 million vaccines abroad by June 2022, including 80 million for Kovacs.

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