Verviers: painting, lamps and furniture in the heart of Espace Nao-expo

November 23, 2021 8:07 PM | Verviers

The paintings were painted by one, the lamps by the second and the furniture by the third. The worlds of Jacky Bar, Luc Willems and Brigitte Danse coexist harmoniously at the Espace Nao-expo in Verviers.

This physical education graduate from the University of Liege built a sacred reputation as a coach in the worlds of handball and tennis before embarking on a new challenge four years ago, drawing while retinitis is causing him to gradually lose his sight.

Luke Willems is another sports enthusiast. Motorsports fed this writing in the sports section of La Meuse Liège and then entered the Spa-Francorchmaps circuit dealing with relations with the press. After he was retired, he replaced the feathers with the pits and began making lamps.

Brigitte Dance was born in the Stone Land in Spreemont. Before coming to the art that always attracted her, she followed other paths. Today, this enthusiast of all areas of sculpture is recognized as an artist on the international scene.

Three friends, three ways, to discover at Espace Nao-expo, Thier Mère-Dieu until November 28.

B. Lousberg

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