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Often, to the question: “How can we explain the massive increase in the use of trains and scooters in recent months in our cities?“To keep it simple and quick, we tend to answer that it is a beautiful arrangement of the planets.

Image credit: Oliver Blasett

Moving forward, we know there is a coupling of the events that make bike use soar. The pandemic, public transportation leakage, confinement or curfew, and the necessity to enjoy every moment outside the home. The growing collective awareness that it would not necessarily be stupid to try to emit less greenhouse gases, each on their own scale. I’ll stop there, the list may be as long as a rainy day.

From behind?

Image source: Roland Cogotti.

“Public authorities are nothing but a sound board for popular demand”

Within the cyclosphere, in France, we quickly believed that the place of cycling in our cities and our society is mainly the work of the existing public authorities, accompanied by the FUB, its affiliated associations and of course all its activists. But there could be another analysis. Public Powers (and FUB) are nothing but a soundboard of popular demand. In my opinion, we are in the typical case for eggs and chickens.

Is supply adapting because there is an increasingly strong demand, or is it demand that stimulates supply? Did not matter. On the other hand, FUB might not be the only organization pushing for cycling development. Anyway, this is what I found out when I went to visit the CFDT’s Parisian headquarters and while speaking into Rayons Libres’ microphone with Thierry Cadart.

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It was in 2015, CFDT poster.

The bicycle, a prominent union topic

Thierry Cadart is the president of Espace Belleville, a cultural center, within CFDT Buildings in … Belleville. He is the Secretary General of CFDT. Finally, he is also the (DAF) treasurer of this federation. For 6 months, Belleville Space is hosting an exhibition highlighting the work of two professional photographers (and amateur cyclists) Please Oliver And Roland Cogotti.

Espace Belleville, in 2019.

This exhibition is dedicated to our idol for everyone, bicycle. It’s a perspective of where the bike is in nature, but also in town, at the factory.

In 2021, the bike will be located between two cars.
In 2020, the car will be between two bikes!
Image source: Roland Cogotti

By listening to this podcastIn, you will have the opportunity to understand how a union like CFDT has a role to play in our daily commute, to go to work and back. You’ll understand why and how a union like CFDT encourages bike use for everyday commuting. Also, Thierry Kadart’s words will allow us to note that the success of the bike use is a fact of the various representatives of the company who are pushing along with FUB. In any case, cycling, within CFDT, means making a commitment for everyone, working for everyone.

Image credit: Oliver Blasett

Show details

Image credit: Oliver Placeit

The Epidemic and Health Protocol is mandatory for now, only a few of the best CFDT employees can access this fair (but not for April now). Usually, Espace Belleville is available to the general public. Thierry assures us he is in the process of finding a solution to make this exhibition digitally available to all. Once it’s in place, we’ll keep you informed. In the meantime, take advantage of the few images presented in this article (or watch this video below, by Olivier Placet) and go to browse the website for Roland And Oliver. And site CFDT Also, if you like it. Culture, cycling and work are the same struggle!

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The privilege of these unionists as if they were a coincidence!

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