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Yesterday, columnist in Journalism (More serious) suggested using first names to identify the different variants of COVID in order to avoid stigmatizing specific groups.

Instead of the “i” variable, for example, we will have the Sylvie variable or the Olivier variable.

As with hurricanes.

Names of the breed

First of all, I would like to thank this journalist. It’s been a long time since I laughed a lot while reading a text.

No, it’s true, nothing is better than a good five-minute laugh to start the day.

I would like to rightly remind madam to think that Indian Express, The New Indian Express, The Times of India And the Hindustan TimesIndian newspapers published by Indians, published by Indians, and written by Indians and directed to Indians living in India, use the term “Indian Alternative”.

Do you know why ?

Because this alternative comes from India!

If this variant came from the Magdalen Islands, it would be called the “Madlinot variant”.

Deuxio: All is well and good, using first names, but if first names sound foreign, don’t we risk blowing up the embers of fanaticism?

You know what Kepikers look like: so racist, so xenophobic!

It suffices to call the substitute “Pedro” for them to take a baseball bat and start chasing all the Mexicans in the province.

And if we choose a girl’s first name, it will be biased on the basis of gender.

My suggestion: We should only use the first names of a Quebec native male over 50 years old.

Richard, Benoit, Roger, Sylvan.

That way, even if they get hit, we don’t care.

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Boomer less!

Journalists: Censor!

But I’m thinking about it …

Justin Trudeau has just closed the border to aircraft arriving from India.

But this risks stigmatizing the country, that! We say that people who come from India are a threat to our health!

Well … we must say: “We are closing the borders to flights coming from the XVL-52-B country.”

Wouldn’t that be better?

In this way, we will not stir up the racists who are gathering in Quebec …

We are there now.

Instead of reporting facts, journalists should conceal information. Effeminate them. Speak in the code.

Censorship. Such-and-such group “protection” from the pandemic of systemic racism that plagued Quebec.

Look, a few days ago, we read that “350 people have gathered at a place of worship.”

Anywhere ? What a cult?

We didn’t say that. To avoid a group “stigmatizing”.

Having said that … in writing “the place of worship”, are we not running the risk of stigmatizing believers?

We should have written “350 people all in one place”, that’s it.

No, but as long as we are watching, let us observe! let’s go All the way !

Beautiful dodo bird

My suggestion: We should stop posting pictures in news stories.

No longer name restaurants that have been fined for failing to comply with sanitary regulations.

Stop talking about the “Russian mafia” or the “Italian mafia”.

Every newspaper must hire a censor.

That’s okay, madam columnist Journalism ?

Will you sleep better this way?

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