Valve delays first Steam Deck shipments to early 2022

Valve’s portable console, the popular Steam Deck, won’t be released this year. While pre-orders opened in July 2021, the first copies were due to be delivered in December. Finally, early buyers of the device will have to wait until February 2022 to get their hands on it. As we are one of those so we can get you a test ASAP we are directly concerned.

The reason for this delay is simple, which is the difficulty of securing component supplies and finding space on assembly lines in these times of shortages. This is what Valve says In his media message : “Sorry, we have done our best to overcome global supply chain issues. But due to material shortages, components are not arriving on time at our manufacturing facilities so we can meet the original launch dates.”

Valve arguably has quite a few consoles to build and ship, with 100,000 pre-orders taken within two hours of the Steam Deck announcement. However, as everyone knows, Valve is not a manufacturer of such powerful and proven consoles as Nintendo, for example, could be.

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