Valery Polyakov in the stars forever

When he was born on April 27, 1942 in Tula, south of Moscow, Valery Polyakov It is still called Korshunov. In 1957, his stepfather adopted him, then legally bears the name by which he would become the person who would win the record for the longest space flight.

Record still stands

Valery Polyakov received his Ph.D. from Ivan Sechenov First Medical University in Moscow. It is often said that the Voskhod 1 mission involving Boris Egorov (a doctor) in 1964 prompted Valery Polyakov to specialize in space health. Furthermore it Chosen as an astronaut in 1972.
Its first 240-day flight took place between 1988 and 1989 aboard Mir Station. However, his second mission remains the most famous from January 8, 1994 to March 22, 1995, again aboard the Mir. Valery Polyakov has already completed a stay 437 days, 17 hours and 58 minutesthe longest running.
Below, a photo of the cosmonaut put on the Internet by the Russian space agency Roscosmos 8 years ago.

In two expeditions, Polyakov accumulates 678 days. So he’s not the one who’s spent the most time in space, and that distinction goes to fellow Russian Gennady Padalka with 878 days in 5 flights.
On the other hand, when we left at the age of 80, Valeri Poliakov was still pregnant Record the longest flight in one goEven if it has been more than a quarter of a century!

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