Val Dost. Nebulae and Galaxies: The Amazing Gallery of Astrophotographers

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Posted on July 24, 2022

Mayor Florence Brunet and elected officials of the municipality of Val d’Eau, on Friday, July 22nd, inaugurated the exhibition produced by astrophotographer Philip Townsend, present for the occasion …

10 large pictures (80 x 120 cm) are displayed on porticos throughout Saint-André du Roc-Saint-André. The nebulae shown here belong to the Andromeda Galaxy, which is closest to our Milky Way.

The idea of ​​displaying his work comes from meeting the artist on the one hand, the Vice Mayor of Chapelle Caro-Philippe Mahe and the councilor Jean-Louis Veronique on the other. The latter chose to baptize the gallery of nebulae and galaxies …

Montertelotais Philippe Townsend monitors the Breton sky, after dark, with his telescope and then captures the nebulae using a camera mounted on the device’s mount. Its professional equipment and equipment are constantly being renewed to perfection. “You have to take up to 180,200 photos to get the perfect final shot, after removing traces of satellites and planes!” Philip Townsend explains.

“The location of the church near the aromatic garden was chosen because of its fun, touristic and open feel! It is also an attraction for our municipality. The exhibition is free and visible 7 days a week”, explains the mayor.

Take this opportunity to highlight the screen printing workshop work established by Patrick Ferry and thank him for the work of the Technical Services who were responsible for the concrete trusses and fencing installation…

Do you know ?

The Andromeda Galaxy is located 2.55 million light-years from the Sun and is said to contain about 1,000 billion stars, or two to five times more than our galaxy…

The Andromeda galaxy was first observed using a telescope by Simon Marius in 1612, described as the discoverer of the galaxy. It was first photographed in 1887, but was not officially recognized until 1920.

Where and when do you see the exhibition?

The Nebula and Galaxies Gallery moves to Val Dost.
It will be visible until October:

First 3 or 4 weeks: Church Square, Roc Saint-Andre

Next, you’ll join Quily, and then Caro Chapel, at a time for 3 to 4 weeks.

The astrophotographer will be present at the exhibition site on Friday 12 August at 7 pm: location to be announced later.
He will answer the questions of the audience who came to meet him

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