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“Supplies will be banned in April more than this month, and a higher second dose is to be administered,” Health Minister Matt Hankok told lawmakers.

But he managed “there will be no week in April without the first dose” and promised that for more than 50 years the UK has been maintaining the goal of providing one for all adults in mid – April and late July.

Delay in delivery from India

In a letter leaked to the media, the Public Health Service (NHS) warns that there will be a “significant reduction” in the weekly supply for a period of one month from March 29, without details or for reasons or related manufacturers.

Matt Hankok, who did not provide statistics, said the serum company was responsible for the “expected arrival delay” of vaccines manufactured by Serum Company (SII) in India.

He said the 1.7 million dose was delayed last week due to the need to undergo additional safety tests.

According to the British media, the delay in delivering the SII is related to the five million volumes produced for the AstraZeneca laboratory, which has already been subjected to cuts in its distribution in the EU.

“Five million doses were given to the UK a few weeks ago and we will try to provide more based on the current situation and the needs of the government immunization program in India,” a company spokesman replied.

For its part, not to mention India, AstroGeneca assured that it knew its distribution chain was “not disrupted” and had “no impact” on the distribution schedule.

On the Sky News Channel, Housing and Local Communities Minister Robert Genrik assured that the exit schedule from early January would not be affected by this “temporary” distribution problem.

Pfizer: Distributions “as planned”

With Pfizer / Bioendech, the vaccine developed by Astrogeneka in collaboration with the University of Oxford is one of two currently being administered in the UK, where more than 25 million first drugs have already been injected.

According to AFP, the Pfizer team pointed out that vaccinations in the first quarter in the United Kingdom were “planned”. “Our overall supply forecast for the second quarter remains unchanged,” a spokesman said.

Doses of the third vaccine approved by health officials in the United Kingdom, according to the Minister of Health, will come in the coming weeks, according to US laboratory Moderna.

56-year-old Prime Minister Boris Johnson told parliament on Wednesday that he would “vaccinate very soon” and “certainly” use the Astrogenogen serum to address concerns about its safety after fears the vaccine could be suspended by several European countries.

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