Vaccines: In May 2020, there was a joint supply project between the UK, France and Germany … which was finally abandoned

She is neither an immunologist nor an epidemiologist, although she is a biochemist by training. Kate Bingham, who until December 2020 was the chair of the UK Vaccine Development and Distribution Task Force, is known as a “Venture Capital” expert in vaccines and biotech.

It is she who was chosen by Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister, to carry out the vaccination campaign across the Channel, with the key to success we know: 45% of the British population is currently fully vaccinated.

Therefore, it is this file and this particular campaign, far from European models, that the senators of the Committee on Social Affairs decided to focus on on Wednesday, 16 June.

Risk as a compass

“When the Prime Minister called me on May 6, 2020, he gave me three goals. Make sure the vaccines are in place, distribute the vaccines internationally, and put in place a plan for the UK to prepare for a large-scale vaccination campaign,” said Kate Bingham. With this desire to put aside the financial aspect, to focus on the famous “risk taking”. Especially since the work team was not under the authority of the Ministry of Health, but under the supervision of the Ministry dedicated to business.

“What is the key to the success of this vaccine cell?” Well, I guess it’s his mental state. investment capital. We are used to taking risks, and we know how to manage them,” Kate Bingham defended. “We immediately invested in the vaccines that seemed best to us and prioritized them. This speed and expertise were key factors to our success.” By defending an organization stripped of many hierarchical bodies, the “task force” was placed under the direct jurisdiction of the Prime Minister, avoiding in the process a lot of “paperwork and bureaucracies, allowing for the progress of the As soon as possible”.

An organization that enabled the UK to secure the first doses of a vaccine developed by Valneva, currently in the final stage of development, a French company, Marne’s René-Paul Savary LR LR reported. “With regard to Valneva, the support from the UK has enabled it to follow its clinical developments, while boycotting its discussions with the EU, considering them to be too complex.” A note already penned by the director of Valneva, called in February the Senate General.

Difficulties of European Negotiations

Another discovery of this hearing, related to a potential vaccine supply alliance that would have emerged between France, Germany and the United Kingdom, was finally abandoned in the face of European Commission demands.

“When I arrived in May 2020, we received a letter from France, with an offer of a combined supply, with France and Germany. We were interested, we had discussions. But the Committee proved that the Alliance could not be sustained and that everything had to go through it. We tested it as limitations, because we We couldn’t take part in the decision-making, we don’t know when and how we will be handed over. So the British government decided it was best to continue on our side,” Kate Bingham explained.

Therefore a vaccine “working team” unlike that led by the Europeans, Catherine Desroches, chair of the Social Affairs Committee, said that “the differences are striking, with a real industrial strategy, different management of conflicts of interest. From France. We can clearly see a real difference, And we can see the results today.”

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