Vaccines from the United States may accelerate regeneration in the NB.

Premier Plane Hicks hopes that by reopening the borders on the horizon, the overwhelming NB from the United States will be able to meet its immunization goals and meet them sooner than expected.

Blaine Hicks said Friday that Premiers have put pressure on the federal government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to ensure that Canada can get more vaccines in the United States.

The Prime Minister of the NB urges the federal government to enter into an agreement with the United States to obtain more vaccines.

However, Hicks notes that these dimensions are not absolutely necessary to go green as New Brunswick planned on August 2nd.

The Prime Minister of the NB on Thursday pointed out that with the agreement of the Central Government, vaccinated visitors from Mine can enter the NB on July 1 without isolating themselves.

On Friday, the day after a conference call with his provincial colleagues and the Prime Minister of Canada, Hicks said, however, that residents of Maine are unlikely to enter the NB in ​​early July if they do not have a significant increase in the number of vaccines available.

The border closure with the United States has been renewed by the federal government until June 21, and Blaine Hicks expects it to be renewed.

New Brunswick on Thursday announced plans to reopen.

Visitors to Avignon and Demiscuda and the Atlantic provinces (excluding Nova Scotia) will be able to enter the NB on June 7 without isolating themselves. Areas are in the yellow phase and a few are hospitalized.

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To achieve this goal the new Brunswick will try to increase the speed of the vaccine, Hicks says, including administering the vaccine while driving.

Further restrictions will end on July 1 if 20% of people 65 and over have received the second dose of the vaccine. If all goes well, NB will enter the green phase if 75% of the population has reached their second level by August 2nd.

There is no consensus among provincial prime ministers on the use of “vaccine passports” for Canadians traveling between provinces, but the idea is growing among international travelers, the report said. Plane Hicks.

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