Vaccine: The Johnson government wins its race

The UK surpassed 15 million on Sunday for the Covit-19 vaccine, while Japan gave the first green light to a vaccine five months before the start of the Summer Olympics.

“Today, we have reached an important milestone in the UK’s national vaccination program,” said Boris Johnson, the British Prime Minister who took to Twitter to express his delight at the outbreak in Europe.

Criticized repeatedly for his sluggishness and reluctance, Mr. Johnson meets the ambitious goal of providing a vaccine for four priority types by mid-February. People over the age of 70, front row caregivers, nursing home staff and residents and the most vulnerable patients – about 15 million people out of a total population of 66 million.

The government hopes to reopen schools from March 8 and gradually exit prisons – the third – established since the beginning of this year to deal with a further epidemic, which has led to an outbreak of epidemics.

For its part, Germany has largely closed its borders with Austria Tyrol and the Czech Republic in an attempt to control variants of the corona virus, which is causing friction with the EU. Interior Minister Horst Seehofer warned that “German territory cannot be entered” without certain exceptions “. Picture.

In New Zealand, nearly two million people in Auckland, the country’s largest city, have been locked up for three days from midnight on Sunday after a new contamination with the corona virus was discovered. Prime Minister Jacinta Ordner has ordered that schools and businesses be closed on Monday, with the exception of businesses that are considered “essential.”

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Three members of the same family tested positive for the weekend, which raised concerns in a country acclaimed around the world for handling the epidemic so effectively.


Japan gave its first green light on Sunday for a vaccine against the corona virus developed by Pfizer. Between 10,000 and 20,000 health workers are expected to receive valuable injections starting Wednesday.

The first person to receive the COVID-19 injection in Beirut, Lebanon, which received the 28,000 dose of Pfizer vaccine on Saturday, has launched a vaccination campaign. Recent official figures show that there are 339,122 cases, including 3,993 deaths, which is more than welcome news as the health system is overrun with the virus.

In Africa, Rwanda has begun vaccinating groups at high risk for Govt-19 infection, which means leading medical staff have been vaccinated in low doses, the health ministry said Sunday.

Worldwide, 172.10 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in at least 95 countries or territories, according to official sources. The epidemic has so far killed 2,394,541 people worldwide.

The Pfizer vaccine is 94% effective

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