Vaccine as a recovery machine

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« On Monday the 12th, I would go to the pub myself, cautiously but irrevocably, carrying a pint of beer to my lips. There is no doubt that the British would have paid close attention to this announcement of Boris Johnson’s press conference on April 5th. The British Prime Minister officially confirmed this great progress: The pubs will reopen from the start of next week. At least on the terrace and with the obligation for customers to sit at the table, social exclusion forces them, but without the need to serve their time curfew order or a real meal at the same time. ‘Alcohol. For a sole pleasure True All-Bind.

With the success of the vaccination campaign 31 million people who received at least one dose, Hospitalization and its positive effects on the number of deaths: All this allows the British government to consider reopening the second phase of schools after March 8.

Boris Johnson has released a new roadmap, “Covit-19 Response – Spring 2021″, which arranges to restart several operations: ” The clear result of your efforts and the use of the vaccine is that from Monday, April 12, I can confirm that we will go today The second step of our road map – Re-opening of shops, gyms, zoos, camps, private care areas such as hairdressers and all kinds of pubs and outdoor establishments. »

Although telecommunications are still widely recommended, the UK is getting a reception of fresh air Foreign causes are restricted to compelling reasons only At least until May 17, the scheduled date for the 3rd phase of the government program marked by the reopening of the interiors of pubs and restaurants, hotels, cinemas and other places such as museums.

It is enough to maintain some glimmer of hope in the tourism and events sector, especially since the government will thereby examine the conditions for resumption of large gatherings. ” Events Research Project“. This pilot project will be used to carry out scientific research on how to safely allow the reopening of small and large events under Phase 4, which will begin before June 21st.

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Different approaches based on social distance, entry test protocols, but also health certification will be explored especially during major sporting events, with 4,000 expected in the semi-finals of the England Cup. Football on April 18, and even 20,000 supporters for the final of this popular FA Cup on May 15 in Wembley. ” We all yearn to see concerts full of sports fans and concerts full of music enthusiasts, but as we continue to implement our vaccination program, We need to find a way to make it safer“Health Minister Matt Hancock said.

The World Snooker Championships in Sheffield will be used to test a theatrical setting, a choice that has been declared “decisive” by the authorities, especially for future performances in theaters, venues for live concerts, major weddings, but Conference Centers. « These pilots are good news for the hotel and restaurant industry, and from June 21 people can start returning to business conferences (…) by helping them return to normal life safely and by removing social remote controls.Kate Nichols, Managing Director, UK Hospitals, commented.

Will such a full-scale test ever take place in France? The Indochina concert at the Accor Hotels in Paris was considered for a time in March, then postponed to April, and now probably in May. ” We actually got in touch to do this test show. As in Barcelona, ​​Amsterdam, we want to do that to help the whole industry, going to a concert (with masks, with reference) is not dangerous. We are ready, We are waiting for the signal from the authorities », Band singer Nicola Circis, quoted by Francinefo, explained to AFP on April 7.

Announcement by Emmanuel Macron a Gradual re-opening table Since mid-May, it has opened up some opportunities for culture, sports, leisure, events, cafes and restaurants for all of these areas affected by the epidemic. UNIMEV (French Union of Event Trade) warns that this resumption will be effective on the specified dates. ” The intensification of the mass vaccination makes possible the horizon of May, finally planning for itself and therefore seeing the light at the end of the tunnel .

Like the United Kingdom, the most advanced countries in the vaccine campaign offer real opportunities to recover quickly, at least domestically, in tourism. The hotel industry created 40,000 new jobs last March, and the United States is proving it with sub-statistics. Frequency of hotels exceeding 60% recently Or the number of passengers in airport checks with one million passengers each day last week and 1.6 million on Thursday, April 1st. Admittedly, this is far below the average of 2 million daily passengers reached in 2019, but these figures prove the possibility of a quick resumption of travel once conditions return to favorable conditions thanks to the vaccine.

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Last weekend, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) – Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States – updated their travel advice. After studying the effects of the vaccine, the CDC recommends that those who have been fully vaccinated can go to the United States without being tested or isolated. « Those who are fully vaccinated can travel If you do not pass an Govt-19 test before traveling abroad and do not need an international destination, ”they added. Of course, preventative gestures – mask, distance, hydroalkalic gel – are still needed, but what a change! “We continue to encourage all Americans to be vaccinated so that we can safely resume our daily lives.Said Dr. Rochelle Valensky, director of the CDC.

Israel, which has vaccinated more than half of its population in the region, was able to begin the third phase of its restructuring program in early March with the resumption of cultural and family events, as well as the reopening of hotels and restaurants. Thereby returning to an “almost” normal state The popular “green passport”, Sesame for example opens access to tourist sites or receptions that are limited to 300 people and 50% space occupancy. Only 5% of participants are allowed to participate when giving negative test results. As for restaurants, they are all accessible from the outside, but only green passport holders can keep room inside the house.

If health certification systems such as EU-initiated green certification or the emerging digital passes in the aviation world are placed to further liquefy travel and border crossings, Efforts aimed at making daily life easier are on the rise. New York State introduced its Excelsior Digital Pass on April 2, allowing volunteer users to easily access theaters, concert halls and theaters and attend private events. In Denmark, from April 6, some small businesses – hairdressers, beauty salons or even driving schools – will have access to “Coronopass” users through secure use and in paper form.

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In the UK, this type of solution will be tested during an event research program and is being considered by the government Health Passport launched : The government believes that certification of COVID status could play an important role nationally and internationally as a temporary measure. It would be appropriate for the government to provide a way to easily demonstrate COVID status, to ensure that UK citizens and residents are not denied the opportunity to travel or attend certain locations or events. “However, the presentation of this project aroused the opposition of more than 70 delegates from all quarters, they decide it “Discriminatory” Most people have a low interest rate once they are vaccinated.

With the reopening schedule announced by the President, what option will the French government choose at the end of this new prison? Mystery

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