UTMB 2023: Belgium will be the 12th most represented country

The 20th edition of UTMB Mont-Blanc will take place from August 28 to September 3, 2023. As the World Running Summit, it will host a total of 8 events, including the legendary UTMB. Kilian Journet, winner in 2022 at the end of a record race, did not put the event on his agenda for 2023. Just like François Dehaene, the other co-organizer of the victory record with 4 successes.

With the implementation of a new athletic scoring system, OCC, CCC and UTMB pre-registration took place from June to December 2022 and required at least running stones and a valid UTMB indicator to participate in one of the three UTMB World Championship Finals.

UTMB World Series and Running Stones, what are they?

Here are the key enrollment numbers for the 2023 edition

Altogether, despite the new pre-registration system, there were three times more applications for registration than available places.

  • 107 nationalities represented in 2023 compared to 100 nationalities in 2022: France, Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom continue to make up the top four most represented nations in terms of runners, while the Americans continue to show their growing interest in the event by placing fifth in the most current nations for the week.
  • 21.5% of women attending all eight events in 2023: Increasing the percentage from year to year, which indicates that increasing the participation of women in these races helps motivate more and more runners to join the adventure.
  • Balanced men’s and women’s elites in the three UTMB World Series Finals races:The new sporting discipline put in place in 2022 now makes it possible to qualify as many elite men as women in every race on the circuit for one of the three UTMB Mont-Blanc Championship Finals.
UTMB Key Figures 2023 © UTMB

The rate of filling of the races and nationalities represented

  • UTMB: 6,578 applications for 2,300 places
  • CCC: 5,249 applications for 1,900 places
  • CCO: 5171 applications for 1200 places
  • PTL: Selection on file – 244 applications and 124 teams selected
  • MCC: 100% complete
  • YCC: 100% complete
  • There are still a few places left on dissolved solids and theetc.
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Top 15 Nationalities Represented At UTMB 2023

  1. France
  2. Spain
  3. Italy
  4. United kingdom
  5. United State
  6. Swiss
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Japan
  9. Austria
  10. Germany
  11. Thailand
  12. Belgium
  13. Poland
  14. Sweden
  15. Portugal

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