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UTMB, the main race, the star race

With the world’s top 10 players on UTMB, the race promises to be a very hot contender. In terms of men, the intensity is staggering with over 81 runners holding elite status.

Americans Jim Walmsley and French François Dehaigny and Xavier Thévenard are the candidates … on paper. We will also have to count on Tim Tollefson, who finished third in the UTMB® in 2016 and 2017 who will be eager to succeed in his race after two failures in 2018 and 2019:

« After two hard-to-digest failures and a global pandemic, my impatience with returning to full circle is greater than ever. I return to the valley with a burning torch and a stronger realization of how lucky I am to run here Comments of the American runner.

Among the runners who could surprise, Russian Dmitriy Mityaev and Spaniard Pablo Villa are among the outsiders who are able to do a great race. However, we should expect some surprises with the few benchmarks and races the candidates have had after a near-empty season in 2020.

Among the women, Beth Pascal and Courtney Doalter are at the top of the list of favorites, but we’ll also have to count on Americans Katie Shedd and Kaitlin Gerben, and on French Audrey Tanguy and Camille Proyas.

Not forgetting Sweden’s Mimmi Kokta and Dutch author Ragna Debats, the author who performed very well in the Western States® 100-Mile Endurance Run for her first run.

« We miss the races a lot and the fact that UTMB® can take place this year is an important symbol for our community. It will be different due to the restrictions, but the mountains are the same as usual.

For me, UTMB® is a personal journey, I want to be able to feel that I have done things well. It has nothing to do with time or location but a matter of an inner feeling, you know it in your heart Mimi Kokta explains.

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In all, over 170 elite athletes are registered for the event, making UTMB® Mont-Blanc the most popular rally of the season.

Discover the full program here

CCC is also a dream

At CCC, Luis Alberto Hernando will come to defend his title against Stian Angermond who will come to try his hand at distance and already OCC winner in 2019 or even American Jared Hazen who is among the best riders on show. The Atlantic is training with specific player Jim Walsley.

On the women’s front, Ruth Croft looks untouchable this season after winning in New Zealand, then the Ultra Trail Australia and second place in California last month:

« After taking a three-week break after a 100-mile endurance race in the Western States, I began to resume training at CCC.

The first week back to training isn’t always fun, but it can only get better from now on. Chamonix Trails has always treated me well in the past and after a year of absence, I’m glad to be back.p,” she explains.

It still has to count on more than 20 athletes of elite status such as Megan McKenzie, Emily Schmitz and Yu Wang. Note that the CCC® record was set by Chinese athlete Miao Yao at 11:57 am during his exceptional performance in 2018.

Not forgetting our other racing favourites:

*dissolved solids


holly page – united kingdom

Falmasoy Martina – Italy

Mityaeva Ekaterina – Russian

Mayfield Camellia – United States

Bossio Rory – United States

Torini Giudetta – Italy

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Rai Mira – Nepal

Bohard Manon – France

Edwards Meredith – United States

Blanchett Juliette – France


Evans Thomas – United Kingdom

Karar Rob – United States

Fernandez Fernandez Borja – Spain

Clemente Mora Christopher – Spain

Wästlund Simen Hjalmar – suede leather

Castaner Bernat Tovol – Spain

Jung Daniel – Italy

Airiau Gautier – France

Santos Gabriel Wheel – Argentinian

Ramos Gonzalez Marcos – Spain



L’Hirondel Blandine – France

Yao Miao Chen

Avilés Castaño Sheila – Spain

Disco Elisa – Italy

Carrion Gisela – Spain

Lu Yang Chun Chen

Sagnes Mathilde – France

Bleasdale Julia – Germany

Caitlin Felder – New Zealand

Comet Anna – Spain


Hayden Hawks – United States

Elazzaoui Elhousine – Maroc

Cardona Cole Oriol – Spain

Albon Jonathan – United Kingdom

Remy beanie – Switzerland

Simpson Ruby – United Kingdom

Ueda Rui – Japan

El Pascal – Switzerland

Engdal Peter – Swedish

Wink Stefan – Switzerland

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