USA: When Govt’s administration turns against democratic governors

The wave is changing in some democracies. In California, Governor Gavin Newsome looks tough: a time when he was praised for managing the health crisis, now he is being targeted by the recall practice. This device, provided in the California Constitution, allows citizens to dismiss an elected representative before the end of his or her mandate.

To begin such a process, his Republican opponents had to collect at least 1.5 million signatures by March 17. To date, they have earned more than 2 million. If local authorities check the petition, a new election for governor will be held in Golden State by the end of this year. Bad news for the elected official who received more than 60% of the vote in 2018.

Retreat from the struggle against the cove

Gavin Newsom, hailed at the start of the epidemic as the first governor to order a lockout on March 19, 2020, said his image was tarnished by the economic crisis in the state. Small shops, bars, restaurants, cultural venues and even beaches are closed … many restrictions excite the entire electorate for months.

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“Control measures are very strict, and some people find themselves inactive without any help. So now there is a setback,” said Simon Grivet, a lecturer at the University of Lilly and an expert in the United States.

To make matters worse, last November the governor hosted a campaign without a mask at an upscale French restaurant – French Laundry for a campaign friend’s birthday. Although he urged Californians to stay home in the face of a virus outbreak, he found it difficult to cross the pill. According to a published study Public Policy Institute de California, Its popularity rating went from 65% last spring to 54% in February.

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The current sling is a dumble that makes everything easier. “We have a governor who, in our opinion, has failed (…) He has locked up the sixth largest economy in the world, and put all of us under house arrest”, he said. Fox 11 Los Angeles Randy Economy, a spokeswoman for the campaign, said the call was made shortly after the demand was met.

Among those who initiated the commemoration were supporters of former President Donald Trump, the Republican Party and several wealthy conservatives who funded the petition. Protesters say the governor is now trying to discredit them In his campaign clips, Linking them to the far-right conspirator QAnon and the Proud Boys.

The spectacular fall of the Governor of New York

Across the country, Andrew Cuomo is experiencing an almost similar fate. In an exciting turn, the Democratic governor of New York State went from being a temporary man to a plague victim in just a few months. Questionably, the proliferation of sexual harassment allegations in recent weeks has brought former collaborators against him, but many abuses in his management of the Govt-19 epidemic.

The powerful governor is said to have deliberately reduced the number of virus-related deaths in retirement homes. A lawsuit filed by state attorney Lydia James in late January forced the official death toll of 8,500 to be reconsidered by more than 15,000. A few days later, his first aide, Melissa Derosa, agreed during a video conference with elected Democrats. The record was deliberately altered for fear that Donald Trump would be “used” against them, and then he campaigned again.

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But it was not the only stone in Andrew Cuomo’s start. The elected official would have allowed his relatives access to tests for the corona virus as a priority at the onset of infections, which are not yet available to the entire population, according to an article published Thursday. New York Times. His brother, CNN star presenter Chris Cuomo, is said to have been tested several times by his mother and one of his sisters during this time.

In conclusion, the former hero of the fight against Govt-19 is in a hot seat today. In addition to the investigations initiated by attorney Lydia James into allegations of sexual harassment, the powerful governor is also under federal investigation into covering up the deaths in the retirement home. At the same time, the state legislature began its own indictment against him in both cases. The last measure of this genre is a historical practice from 1913 onwards.

Bargaining for Republicans

The setbacks of the two governors are in any case the business of the Grand Old Party (GOP). “Republicans are trying to rebuild their health in these two states, which are historically very weak.

In New York, Andrew Cuomo has actually seen the number of his supporters shrink like hell, while many Democrats in the Big Apple have called for his resignation: from New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to Senate Democratic majority leader Chuck Schumer, to left-wing representative Alexandria Goswami. The worst thing is that during his press conference last Thursday, Joe Biden was nailed in the head, believing it would be better for him to resign if the sexual harassment allegations against him were to be confirmed. The main interested party is the opportunity that has so far been denied until now.

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In California, Kevin Falconer, the former Republican mayor of San Diego, has already landed the next race, inviting voters to elect him to mark “California’s arrival.” GOP candidate John Cox, who defeated Gavin NewSom in 2018, also sees this as a great way to get revenge.

“While Democrats have hit a lot in managing Republicans’ health crisis, Republicans are now turning this weapon against them by seeking the displeasure of some Americans, ”Simon Grivett slips. In 2003, Californians successfully commemorated Democratic Governor Gray Davis, which led to the election of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. It remains to be seen whether Republicans will be able to repeat this feat.


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