USA: Two killed, 20 missing in flooding in North Carolina

At least two people have been killed and at least 20 are missing in floodwaters in North Carolina in the southeastern United States, local officials say.

The Hout County Sheriff’s Office said in a tweet Thursday, “More than 200 people have begun their search for a home on the banks of the Pigeon River.

After the tropical storm Fred passed, the county, located locally, was hit by a significant rise in pigeon river water.

At its peak, the river rose to 6 meters, according to county officials.

The state governor’s office said a state of emergency was declared in West Carolina with water levels of up to 30 centimeters on Monday and Wednesday.

Governor Roy Cooper said in a statement Wednesday that the emergency will allow rescue workers to quickly assist affected areas to save lives, restore electricity, remove debris and bring in equipment.

“We were searching for survivors of abandoned vehicles, homes and buildings,” Howard County Sheriff Greg Christopher said Wednesday, quoting local broadcaster WYFF4.

Nathan Yabro, who was interviewed by the same channel, said there was more than two meters of water in the garden of his house near the village of Crusoe, which was particularly affected by the floods.

“It happened in just 45 minutes,” he said of the rising water.

“The water went from a normal flood to where there is 1m20 on the side of the house,” he added.

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