USA / NFL player takes a high risk of assaulting his partner (video)

It didn’t take long for the information to be transmitted on the web. An NFL player was arrested in the United States on Saturday after on the run for 4 days. The player is accused of abusing his partner in front of his 5-month-old baby.

Zach Stacy faces at least 15 years in prison for assault and battery on his partner. The 30-year-old has already been arrested for the altercations, and was arrested by the police this weekend. He has been languishing in prison for 4 days. According to the latest information from TMZ sport, the Orlando police arrested the former player in Florida before he was imprisoned. “He intended to surrender”, Define the American media.

On Saturday, November 13, the 30-man repeatedly hit his partner, Kristen Evans. After attacking her with his bare hands, the former St. Louis Rams and New York Jets player carried her multiple times to push her into their furniture. The footage was captured in a video clip, which was transmitted on social networks.

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