USA NETWORK meets major hits as the home of NBC Sports on Cable

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Tuesday 30 August 2022

USA NETWORK meets major hits as the home of NBC Sports on Cable

Extensive programming on NBC Sports on the USA Network increased viewership throughout 2022

Stamford, Connecticut. – August 30, 2022 – USA Network has made many notable achievements in the rankings since expanding this year’s list of outstanding sporting properties and events across the Premier League, NASCAR, Olympics, USGA, and Championships.

Since becoming the cable network’s new home for NBC Sports programming on January 1, 2022, USA Network has increased viewership of sports events along with fan-favorite entertainment content, including launches from last year’s major cable script “Chucky” and non-title songs. Recorded as “The Miz and Mrs.”

“Sports has seen sustained growth in viewership across the board as part of our strategy to move major programming to the USA Network. We look forward to continuing this upward trajectory in the fall. Bevaqua housePresident of NBC Sports.

Here are the highlights for NBC Sports’ shows on the USA Network:

Premier League

  • Two of the four most-watched cable matches have been recorded in the Premier League: Manchester City – Liverpool on April 10, 2022, with an average total viewership (TAD) of 1.15 million (the second most recorded match by cable in the Premier League), Chelsea and Liverpool on April 2, 2022, with a TAD of 1.04 million viewer (center) fourth most viewed).
  • The opening match of the 2022-23 Premier League season between Crystal Palace and Arsenal recorded a TAD of 526,000 spectators, making it the best. Most watched on weekdays from NBC Sports and second most watched player of all time (Manchester United-Tottenham on NBCSN in 2015; 651,000 viewers TAD).
  • The coverage was after the match after Newcastle and Manchester City on August 21, 2022 The most watched NBC Sports program after the match in the English Premier League (582,000 spectators).


  • The race at Watkins Glen on August 21, 2022 was a sign of 6th consecutive US Network Cup series to post annual gains in viewership.
  • Broadcast from Atlanta on July 10, 2022, USA Network is the most-watched race of the Cup series via cable (2.626 million viewers) since last year’s Darlington race (3.149 million in FS1, 9/5/21).

Beijing Olympics

  • With live coverage of all winter sports, USA Network has been the number one destination for cable sports and entertainment, with coverage of last summer’s Tokyo Olympics, The most viewed 15-day period on the network (Feb 5-19) since September 2018.
  • The Beijing Olympics averaged 1.4 million primetime viewers and 920,000 viewers, both on The highest among all sports and entertainment cable networks during games.

Tokyo Olympics

  • For its live coverage of track and field, men’s and women’s beach volleyball, indoor volleyball, and softball, USA Network has been the number one destination for cable sports and entertainment programming, ranked The first primetime sports and entertainment cable network during the Games. With an average of 1.6 million viewers.
  • The average primetime USA network viewership was the highest of any cable network during the Summer Olympics. It saw the three most-watched Summer Olympics nights in cable history.

Golf: US Open and Open

  • The second round of the 2022 US Open averaged 1.17 million viewers, resulting in Highest weekday afternoon viewership on USA Network since January 2017 (Excluding public holidays).
  • Excluding the Olympics, 150The The Open Championship brought USA Network to its best-watched week in over two years (From May 2020).
  • With an ADR of 1.38 million viewers, 2022 provided the most-watched opening rounds from the NBC Sports Open Championship and the most-watched since 2015 on ESPN. The 1.35 million first-round viewership of TAD was the highest viewership for that tour since 2013 on ESPN.

Tour de France

  • The USA Network has been publishing the two most-watched stages of the Tour de France on weekdays for over 10 years. With 554,000 viewers, the Friday 15 July show was the most watched weekday show since 2009. The previous day’s competition (Thursday 14 July) attracted an average of 510,000 viewers, the best weekday show since 2010.

Horse racing

  • The 2022 Kentucky Derby schedule on Friday and Saturday provided the best performance on cable since 2019.
  • 559,000 spectators for the Kentucky Derby Cards program on Saturday represented the second best show in the event in six years.
  • Friday’s Kentucky Oaks averaged 244,000 viewership coverage, the best for the event since 2019.

Sports Games

  • USA Network’s primetime coverage of the Oregon22 World Championships in Athletics Friday, July 22 averaged 783,000 viewers on TV alone, NBC Sports’ The second most watched Athletics broadcast channel of all timeExcluding the Olympics and team trials in the US, it tracks only the 2018 indoor tournament, which was ahead of the Winter Olympics (1.306 million, NBCSN, Feb. 10).

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