USA: American football doubles because of football?

What if the round ball took off American football across the Atlantic? In any case, this is what Christian Janiere imagined. In his first novel, a Toulouse journalist tells the story of Tom Fenwick. A 15-year-old son of an alcoholic father whose mother has passed away in a futuristic journalistic thriller based on facts and fiction.

The young man who is considered very weak does not manage to break into American football, which leads to his father Harry’s despair. He discovered his passion for football, a sport in which he excelled. Tom dreams of starting the opening match of the 2026 World Cup in the United States. With such global competition, this England-born sport could become Uncle Sam’s first discipline. Between corruption, competition and mafia, Tom could be a victim of the leaders of American football.

The former TF1 commentator in particular noted that many of the characters are directly inspired by his meetings. Arsene Wenger, Didier Deschamps or even Kylian Mbappe in particular … the author assures us that 50% of the film’s interviews are correct. “There are a lot of little stories heard behind the scenes on Telefoot. It’s a journalistic novel, tinged with my profession,” he smiles mischievously. To find in bookstores.

2026, the year it will become American football; Solar, 372 pages; 14.50
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