USA: All Burger King employees resign

A photo of a Burger King in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA has gone viral on social media. The reason? The inscription is on a sign outside the restaurant. In fact, it was announced on July 14th Channel 8 And CNN, Until Saturday, July 10 one can read there: “We all resign. Sorry for the inconvenience”. Two former employees, questioned by the local channel, pointed out that the departure was linked to working conditions that were considered terrifying.

“It was set up yesterday before it opened, I don’t think anyone would notice it because none of us did just a sign, and then it got so crazy on Facebook. I got a call from my management and they told me to remove it,” explained Rachel Flores, former manager of Burger King.

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The latter explained that when he had been in office since January, all the employees of the establishment had decided to resign because of unacceptable working conditions. Some had to work for weeks in the kitchen, without air conditioning, and the temperature was over 32 degrees. Rachel Flores had to be hospitalized for dehydration. Then her boss called her “baby”.

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Due to staff shortages, some staff were unable to take lunch breaks. Rachel Flores was doing 50 to 60 hours of work. All employees who wished to resign, including the manager, were fired.

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