US urges Somali leaders to end rhetorical escalation

P / Mogadishu, Somalia / Muhammed Daysan

The United States on Wednesday urged the Somali president and prime minister to take action to reduce tensions as a bitter feud between the two leaders continues.

US Under Secretary of State for African Affairs Mollie called on Prime Minister Muhammed Hussein Roble to convene the country’s National Consultative Conference and hold credible elections.

“I spoke yesterday with Somali Prime Minister MohamedHRoble to underscore our support for his efforts to convene the Central Election Commission meeting to correct electoral irregularities and quickly conclude credible elections. All parties must stop escalation and security forces must remain on the fence.”

Somalia’s executive power reached a dead end after President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed issued a decree suspending the prime minister’s powers over allegations of corruption and exploitation of public land, but Roble rejected the decision, calling it a “coup attempt”.

Roble claimed to be the only person in the country legally responsible for all government institutions and called on the military leaders to obey him because the power struggle between the two showed no sign of an imminent end.

The president is under constant pressure from the international community and from opposition presidential candidates who demanded on Tuesday that he leave office “as soon as possible” and accused him of orchestrating a “massive” coup attempt.

Somali presidential spokesman Abdirashid Mohamed Hashi, speaking by phone to Anadolu Agency, denied the accusations, saying that the only coup the president could be accused of is a state coup against corruption and “distinguishing it from its competitors”. he added.

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The presidency also accused the prime minister of defying the president’s orders.

Hashi said in statements to Anadolu Agency, “It did not organize elections and caused a delay of several months, disrupted the election implementation team and irregularly reorganized the dispute committee, which led to obstruction of the electoral process.”

* Translated from English by Omit Donmez

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