US: Trump angered evangelicals over Netanyahu

A former adviser to Donald Trump has said that the former president’s recent remarks against Benjamin Netanyahu could lead him to distance himself from American evangelicals. In fact, Mike Evans (not to be confused with his name in Switzerland, the leader of Gospel 21), shared the angry letter sent to Donald Trump, the leading evangelical figure in the United States. Washington Post December 14.

“She was the first person to greet Joe Biden [Benyamin] Netanyahu, the man I did more than everyone I handled. […] He made a terrible mistake, ”Donald Trump said in an interview in mid-December Axios. “Let him poke himself,” he added sternly.

“Choose between you and the land of the Bible”

Mike Evans, the Christian Zionist founder of the Jerusalem Prayer Group, said he was “shocked” by such comments. According to him, they will provoke the wrath of many evangelical voters in the country. He added that Benjamin Netanyahu “has a lot of support among evangelicals in the United States.” [Donald Trump]”.” I beg you not to put us in a position of choice between you and the land of the Bible, “he concludes.

Other evangelicals, such as Jack Graham, a representative of one of the largest Baptist churches in North America and a former member of the Donald Trump administration’s advisory council, have responded. He said the former president should clarify his words.

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