US Open: Fingers crossed for Novak Djokovic

Barring a rule change in the United States, Novak Djokovic will not play the final Grand Slam tournament of the season, the United States Open, due to his vaccination status.

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An unvaccinated athlete cannot set foot on American soil. As he indicated before Wimbledon, he has no intention of vaccinating to comply with the rules.

“I will rest for the next two weeks. “My schedule has been exhausting and demanding for the past few months,” Djokovic said. I got exactly what I wanted here.

“Hopefully I’ll get good news from America because I want to go there. That means I can play two tournaments and the US Open.

“If it doesn’t happen, I’ll have to look at my schedule for what’s next. To be honest, I doubt I’ll be able to go there and chase the points.

Will the US be more flexible than Australia at the start of the year? It is not impossible. On the other hand, it’s not in the bag for the Serbian.

Pride of Ivanisevic

Djokovic has had a tough year on many levels. If there’s anyone who can attest to that, it’s his coach, Goran Ivanisevic.

“It’s been a bad year, a tough year for him, but also for those around him,” the former player underlined. “After the incident in Australia, it took a long time for him to recover and regain his form.

“He’s the favorite to win Wimbledon in my opinion. To prove you are, you have to win the tournament. It’s not easy. He absolutely deserves this 21e Grand Slam title.

He paid tribute to Nick Kyrgios.

“You can’t prepare for a game against him,” Ivanisevic said. He is a tennis genius. He doesn’t know how he will play at the next level.

“We focused on what Novak had to do and where he had to be careful. Kyrgios is the better server right now. He is an incredible and unpredictable player. Hence, it is difficult to set a clear strategy.

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