US “National Defense”: The airspace over Lake Michigan has reopened

The airspace over Lake Michigan in the north of the United States, temporarily closed for “national defense” reasons, has reopened, the US Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority announced Sunday.

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The FAA briefly closed a portion of the airspace over Lake Michigan in support of Department of Defense operations. The authority said in a statement that airspace had reopened.

Contacted by AFP, the Pentagon has not yet responded.

The news comes as three flying objects, including one described by Washington as a Chinese spy balloon, were shot down in a week over the United States and Canada.

On Saturday, airspace in the US state of Montana was temporarily closed, but a fighter jet sent to investigate a “radar anomaly” did not identify a flying “object,” according to the military.

The United States believes that the first object officially detected was a balloon controlled by the Chinese military and part of a fleet sent by Beijing over more than 40 countries on five continents, for espionage purposes.

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