US House of Representatives. Resolution in favor of Israel. — Valley of Israel

The text calls for an extension of the Abrahamic covenants and expresses its support for relations with Israel

The US House of Representatives on Tuesday passed a resolution to expand and strengthen the Abrahamic covenants and express support for US-Israeli relations.

The resolution, passed on Israel’s 75th Independence Day, was approved by a vote of 401 to 19. The House of Representatives “encourages the United States and Israel to continue to deepen and expand bilateral cooperation in economic, security and civil affairs”.

The House encourages “expanding and strengthening the Abrahamic covenants to encourage other countries to normalize their relations with Israel and to ensure that existing agreements provide solid security and economic security for the citizens of these countries and all peoples of the region.”

The lawmakers also said “continued support for Israel’s defense assistance, as outlined in the US-Israel Memorandum of Understanding, will ensure that Israel is able to defend itself.”

Finally, the text says, the House of Representatives “supports Israel’s strong participation as an active member of the community of nations, sharing common values ​​and a commitment to democracy for the benefit of Israel and the United States.”

Several Arab countries normalized relations with Israel under the Abraham Covenant in 2020 by the Trump administration. Although the deals were an initiative of Donald Trump, they were supported by the Biden administration, which hopes they will be used to restart negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

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