US Grand Prix: Will Lewis Hamilton win the title despite taking the title from Max Verstappen? Austin duel awaits competitors

Six points in between. Six races to go. The title battle of the ages Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is set for an exciting final – starting at the US Grand Prix this weekend in Texas, and which will unfold in ever-changing momentum in the 2021 championship.

Entire Austin Circuit of the Americas this weekend All live on Sky Sports F1, with qualifying at 10pm on Saturday and racing at 8pm on Sunday., when another Verstappen and Hamilton duel is planned.

But with Verstappen once again the title leader, the latest form has raised questions about whether the Dutchman is really the driver on his back foot and whether Mercedes beat Red Bull at a crucial moment of the season.

“I think we need to step up a bit to be in the fight until the end of the season,” Verstappen admitted after the last race in Turkey.

Verstappen’s concerns stem from the fact that Mercedes is leading the US in the back, despite not necessarily responding on points, dominating Red Bull in back-to-back races and, more specifically, it appears to have a faster car in corners and in straights now.

Martin Brundle hanging from Lewis Hamilton

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Martin Brundle believes Lewis Hamilton “made a mistake” in disagreeing with Mercedes over the strategy for the Turkish Grand Prix.

Martin Brundle believes Lewis Hamilton “made a mistake” in disagreeing with Mercedes over the strategy for the Turkish Grand Prix.

Meanwhile, in COTA, which returns to Formula 1 this year after an absence in 2020, Mercedes has only been defeated once in all six races of the Hybrid Era, with Hamilton winning five times around a track he absolutely loves.

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But since this season has already provided the evidence, it would be foolish to make predictions or pin favorites.

The last six races of F1 2021

October 24 United States GP Austin
November 7 Mexican GP Mexico
November 14 Brazilian Grand Prix Interlagos
November 21 GP Qatar Doha
December 5 Saudi Arabia Award grandmother
December 12 GP D Abu Dhabi Yas Marina

“Austin is a track we love and it’s another opportunity, but I’m not kidding myself, it’s really going to the end of the championship,” said Mercedes chief Toto Wolff.

“He fights and we don’t give up everything,” Red Bull’s Christian Horner added with defiance and Verstappen.

“To have at this point in the championship lead the drivers and still be in touch with the manufacturers is exceptional,” he said. “We love this fight, we appreciate this junk, and there are roads ahead where it can go both ways.”

Does Hamilton Meyer have an edge? And why?

In the battle between a driver looking for his first world title and a driver looking for an eighth world record, the title header has already been changed five times this year. Model books suggest it could grow to six this weekend.

That’s because Mercedes was faster, often significantly, than Red Bull at Monza, Russia and Turkey. Although the first two were somewhat expected, dominance in Turkey was not and will ring alarm bells for Red Bull.

Verstappen and Horner specifically mentioned Mercedes’ “enormous” straight-line speed.

Mercedes insists that the latest improvements come from a better understanding of their car, not an engine boost, while also appearing to be reaping the benefits of their last major update in July.

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What comforts Red Bull is that they haven’t lost much ground to their rivals in the last three races. Verstappen and Hamilton crashed and scored zero points on Sunday at Monza, Verstappen recovered from the back to finish second behind Hamilton in Sochi, while Hamilton finished fifth behind Verstappen in second behind Turkey after coming back on his own.

Max Verstappen wishes he had a little more speed overall but felt it was a great result for the team in Turkey

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Max Verstappen wishes he had a little more speed overall but felt it was a great result for the team in Turkey

Max Verstappen wishes he had a little more speed overall but felt it was a great result for the team in Turkey

But with engine penalties now levied on both championship champions and no further penalties expected at the grid, the fight could now drop to a fast pace. The remaining six rings differ in their characteristics and the two teams will be confident of their chances at different times, but the US Grand Prix is ​​certainly a happy hunting ground for Mercedes and Hamilton.

“There is also a lot of flat sections and tire wear is very high,” said Verstappen, wary of the Merc’s speed. “So there are a few things to check.

“I think on the other tracks maybe we could be a little bit better, but it’s never going to be easy. The whole year has already been pretty tight, of course.

“Sometimes it looked like we were doing a little better, but sometimes they were too fast too. I just hope that among the remaining races there are of course a few tracks, or more than half, that are better for us, but we will find.”

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Sky Sports F1 experts still believe Red Bull has a very real chance this weekend.

“I expect it to be a bit tight between the two teams,” said Martin Brandel of Sky F1.

Paul di Resta added: “It’s going to be a one-on-one fight and you can’t predict which direction it’s going.

“Max will want to take advantage of him. If he can get the upper hand on Lewis there, that’s another step for him. But Lewis will go there with confidence, he loves the United States.”

Sky Sports F1 United States GP live schedule

9pm: F1 live show (simulcast on Sky Sports Main Event)
11 p.m.: Experimental press conference

5:00 PM: One Live practice (session starts at 5:30 PM)
20h45: practice live broadcast (session 21 hours ago)

6:45 PM: Practice Three Live (session starts at 7 PM)
20:30: Spectacle Spécial debuts, contenders: Hamilton vs Verstappen (simulcast on Sky Sports Main Event)
21 h: direct building rehabilitation (simulcast on Sky Sports Main Event)
10pm: US Championship Live Qualifiers (simulcast on Sky Sports Main Event)

6.30pm: Grand Prix Sunday: USA Live (simulcast on Sky Sports Main Event)
8pm: US Grand Prix (simulcast on Sky Sports main event)
10 p.m.: Checkered flag live from the US
11:30 p.m.: US Grand Prix highlights

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