US Army A child takes over the Nuclear Weapon Command account on Twitter

(Washington) nuclear law? Pentagon breakthrough? Conspiracy? An encrypted tweet, consisting of punctuation marks and a series of messages, posted on Twitter by the US Army Strategic Command account, caused confusion.

France Media

Internet users were able to read on Sunday on the official account of the leadership responsible for military control of the entire US nuclear arsenal (Stratcom), before the tweet was deleted.

With all due respect to cryptocurrency fans, the mysterious message was just nonsense, written by a child who snatched up the army’s Twitter account for a few minutes, Stratcom told an American media reporter. Daily point.

The head of the military command’s Twitter account, who was working remotely, left the account open unattended for a few minutes. Her little boy took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keyboard, and unfortunately, without realizing it, he posted a tweet, ”a Stratcom spokesperson detailed in a statement.

“Nothing bad happened at all, that is, our Twitter account was not hacked.”

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