Unvaccinated NBA players soon to return to Canada

When the Philadelphia 76ers faced the Toronto Raptors in the first round of the final playoffs, they could only count on Mathis Thiepole intermittently. He missed all three trips to Canada. interpretation? The back did not have a complete Covid-19 vaccination schedule.

This kind of situation should soon be ancient history as Canada prepares to lift vaccination rules imposed at its borders. In other words, Matisse Thiebol, Kyrie Irving and a few of the NBA players involved should be able to go to the Scotia Bank Arena in Toronto to face the Raptors next season.

That vaccination may be canceled by the end of the month, pending final approval from Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. This development occurs in the context of a general decline in pollution, both in Canada and the United States, where Joe Biden has openly declared that the epidemic was ” accomplishment “.

Keri Irving’s anger

Unvaccinated players, such as employees, will still be subject to weekly testing, unlike vaccinated players.

Note that in New York, Mayor Eric Adams announced the end of the obligation on private employers, but not on city employees.

Enough to infuriate Kyrie Irving who tweeted: “ If I can work without being vaccinated, then all my brothers and sisters who have not also been vaccinated should be able to do the same, without being discriminated against, vilified or segregated. This pandemic/forced vaccination is one of the greatest human rights violations in history. »

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