Unusual. In the United States, Georgia faces the invasion of spiders

Horror! This state, north of Georgia and south of the United States, is currently inhabited by millions of spiders from Asia. Press Releases Geo

These long-legged arthropods, belonging to the genus Trichonobila clavata, weave nets into mailboxes and power lines in front of houses, as the Halloween feast is done better and truer. Spiders do not go unnoticed: they are yellow to black in color. Females, older than males, can reach a length of eight centimeters.

Surprisingly, this species is commonly found in East Asia, especially in Japan, Korea and China. According to the Georgia Museum of Natural History, these spiders may have arrived in a shipping container.

Asian species first appeared on the American continent in 2014 near Atlanta, when a citizen reported an “unusual” spider. Since then, it has grown at a great pace …

Although they are impressive in number and appearance, these spiders are not aggressive by nature. Their bite, though painful, is not dangerous.

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