Unusual: In the UK, the Shetland pony was symbolically elected Mayor of Cockington


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In the UK, Patrick, a four-year-old pony, has been an icon elect mayor city Cockington. Live from London, Friday, August 5, journalist Julie Vitalin explains that this election, which is not official, is in fact a simple communication ploy.

to me Cockington (United kingdom)Patrick, the four-year-old pony, was symbolic elect mayor. Journalist Julie Vitalin lives in London (United kingdom)Friday, August 5, explains that this election didn’t make everyone laugh: “It’s a complicated start to Patrick’s mandate in this small village in the south of England. Barely elected, he must already leave a container reserved for him in a bar, after an anonymous complaint.

“Nothing tarnishes his popularity. This Shetland pony is a local star. He continues to drink beer in this pub, it’s too dangerous, to meet his fans. Above all, he visits patients at nearby hospitals to bring them a little relief, so I assure you, this pony is not officially elected.” He has no authority over the affairs of the city. Local authorities confirm a simple connection to this village with a very British charm.concludes the journalist.

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