Unlike Rwanda, Turkey says no to UK – La Nouvelle Tribune

Turkish Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Tanju BilgicHe expressed his surprise at the British Foreign Secretary’s comments this Saturday. Liz dress, on plans to send illegal immigrants to Turkey. According to Tanju Bilgic, Turkey will not change “A refugee camp“. Liz Truss said illegal immigrants would be sent to Turkey and Rwanda until their asylum claims were processed..

If British Foreign Minister Liz Truss is elected Prime Minister, British media reports that she will request an application for an agreement on illegal refugees similar to the one with Rwanda. We hope this information is not true“, refers to a press release from the spokesperson of Turkish Diplomacy.

He stressed that it cannot be about turning Turkey into a “refugee camp” that has hosted the world’s largest number of migrants for the past eight years. “This approach is inconsistent with international asylum standards.“, he added. (Toss)

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