Unknown in the UK – These are secret celebrities who have made themselves known abroad

These celebrities are famous all over the world, but not in their home country of England (Image: Babel)

The “secret celebrities” who gained prominence after leaving the UK talked about their sudden popularity in distant lands.

Famous faces from the nomination to the song are completely unknown on the streets of Britain.

However, they have many more fans in China, Pakistan and France.

Sports presenter Darren Dolet was originally from West Sussex, but after moving to France, without speaking a word of French, he discovered his message.

He first visited the country in 1998 to cover the World Cup, has never looked back and now heads the national television show Champions Arena – the French equivalent of today’s game.

Darren, 55, admits he never went to France with the intention of becoming popular on television, and finds it “a little different when people on the streets recognize me.”

Darren Dolette is best known as an English sports journalist (Image: Babel)

“I notice someone giving me a funny look, and then they come and ask me for a photo,” he said.

I did not go to Paris in search of a career in TV, but part of what helped me was that instead of backing down because I was English, I turned to her, even though my French is much better these days, ”he told the PA.

He is now married and has two French and English speaking daughters.

Tania Wells leads a completely unknown life while meeting her family in Wandsworth, south-west London, far from the fame she receives in Pakistan for her singing.

The 33-year-old is best known for her soul music, which she performs with her husband Paulo Vinicius, 36, in the band Seven Eyes.

The couple, who formed in 2015, are interested in mixing cultural influences and singing in different languages.

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Tanya Wells
British Pakistanis meet singer Tanya Wells in the UK (Picture: Babel)

Tania became famous for one of the group’s Urdu songs that unexpectedly went viral and became a star overnight in South Asia.

“It never wanted to be popular,” he said. The song was on the internet two years ago a year ago, and in 2017, it went viral. I don’t know how it happened, but Pakistanis are starting to see it.

“Suddenly we had a huge fan base there.”

When she went to Pakistan in 2017 for a concert, Tania was shocked when only 1,000 people showed up to watch the audio check.

Tania and her husband Palo became famous in Pakistan.  (Raphael Molica / PA Real Life)
Tania and her husband Palo have a successful music career in Pakistan (Photo: Raphael Molika / PA Real Life)

She said: “This is the first taste of true glory. This is strange, but the country is only connected to our performance. I think Westerners appreciate the fact that we respect their heritage and their music.

“My school is our band inspired by Indian music, but we created it to include other cultures.”

Tanya admits that fame occasionally confuses her relatives in London, thinking it “can really win and miss and be different”

He is sometimes recognized in London, but was stopped on the street by British Pakistanis who knew his music.

Ian Inglis

Ian Inglis
Ian Inglis appears in the Chinese version of Britain’s Got Talent (Image: Babel)

In the farthest corner of the world, 5,000 miles from his hometown of Cardiff, Welshman Ian Inglis, 43, rose to fame overnight after reaching the semifinals of the 2012 China Talent Tournament.

He auditioned for the reality show entirely as a comedian, but was attacked by serious fans while doing his weekly shop.

Ian emigrated to Japan in 2002 to become an English teacher, and now meets his wife, Yu Yanling, 36, who moved to his native China in 2004.

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Ian said he initially found it difficult to learn the language, and that he entered the talent show “for a little laugh”, but was surprised by the reaction when he sang traditional Chinese songs.

Foreign spectators enthusiastically performed Chinese communist revolutionary anthems, wore Red Army uniforms, and voted for Ian to attend live performances.

His innovative performances made Ian one of the best players, and he reached the semifinals before being knocked out. But the singer’s success on national television made his life “a little crazy”.

He said, “I walked around the country and started playing my songs, and every time I went to a big city I was constantly learning about myself.

Ian became famous when he auditioned for China Got Talent, and it became a new creation of a Chinese man singing traditional Chinese songs.  (Han Sangming / Real Life Pa)
Ian is now a TV presenter (Photo: Han Sangming / PA Real Life)

Fans even attacked me at the supermarket. It was a strange experience. Fortunately, life is much quieter now.

Ian is now enjoying a career due to a talent show that has boosted his profile, and he now hosts a weekly prime time travel and tourism show that airs nationwide across China.

Taylor Hermerding, author of Babylon’s book of education, said all three were able to find work in “difficult” circumstances because they had to learn a new language.

“Creating a successful life in the public eye is enough for the security of your country, but doing so in an unfamiliar language and culture is a different challenge,” he said.

If you see these guys standing in a bar in London, you will never think of them, but in France, Pakistan or China they will be overwhelmed by adorable fans.

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