Unjustly accused of theft, postal workers were finally acquitted in front of justice



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Accounting software made British postal workers appear to be fraudsters, resulting in convictions and imprisonment. Justice ordered the post office to compensate its former managers.

The British Postal Corporation has found itself at the center of one of the UK’s largest cases of miscarriage of justice. Hundreds of officers were wrongly accused of theft and fraud. Sima Masara, a mother, spent 15 months in prison for a crime she did not commit. “I thought there was no justice that day, the judge sentenced me and found me guiltyHe comments on this.

In 1999, new software was installed in all post offices. In fact, it is flawed: there is no match between the incoming flows of money and the turnover that it refers to. In 2008, Sima Maisarah noticed a bogus € 92,000 gap in her cash register. The same nightmare in another agency. “The attorneys told me, ‘You’ll be found guilty of false accountability anyway. But if you admit guilt, you get half the sentenceJoe Hamilton remembers.

After years of legal fighting, 39 job managers were acquitted by British courts. “With nearly 900 agents involved, and 900 tainted reputations, the monetary compensation that the post office will have to pay will never make us forget the massive damage.On Monday, May 24, journalist Maryse Borgo of France Télévisons London notes.

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