United States | Unemployment claims are continuing to decline

(Washington) Les inscriptions hebdomadaires au chômage ont continué à reculer début mai aux États-Unis, atteignant leur plus bas niveau depuis le début de la pandémie, l’activité jéconomique se remettant du départé du paré, selon les données publi progressive en route, selon les données publi Action.

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Between May 9 and May 15, 444,000 people were registered to receive unemployment benefits, up from 478,000 in the first week of May, according to slightly revised data.

This is better than expected, as analysts were counting on 460,000 records.

The total number of unemployment benefit recipients also decreased, returning to below the 16 million mark, in the last week of April, according to data also released on Thursday.

Job creation was very disappointing in April, with only 266,000 jobs created, far from the million expected. The unemployment rate rose slightly for the first time in a year (6.1%).

Republicans point to more generous help for the unemployed in the face of the number of jobs destroyed by the pandemic, which, according to them, is now encouraging the unemployed to stay at home rather than look for a job.

Many employers struggle to be hired, especially in the less qualified, and therefore less well-paid, jobs.

Et 21 des 27 gouverneurs d’États républicains ont prévu de réduire, voire même de supprimer ces aides supplémentaires, pour ne verser, de nouveau, que les allocations habituelles, pendant la durée habituelle, c’est-à-dire 3 à 6 mois At most. Analysts at Oxford Economics have calculated that about 2.5 million people who have either exhausted their rights or are self-employed will no longer receive any bonus.

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President Joe Biden recently emphasized the need to preserve this assistance, while warning those who would benefit from the generosity of public authorities.

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