United States. The terrifying and spectacular images of the merry-go-round are almost backwards

The pictures are just as spectacular as the scary ones.

On Thursday evening, the media reported that the attraction of the “Magic Carpet Ride” at a fun exhibition in Traverse City, Michigan, USA, had suffered a severe setback. Up North Live.

In the pictures and videos shared on social networks, you can see that this ride is full of work order and filled with customers, shaking back and forth dangerously when you think you have to spin only on its central axis.

Very quickly, a man realizes the gravity of the situation and rushes to the happy-go-round and hangs on the balustrade. He then joins the ten people on stage, ensuring their weighty, happy journey.

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Thanks to this expression of unity and the peace of all these people, no injuries need be minimized.

“The malfunctioning Magic Carpet Ride gravity has been removed and its manufacturer is going to inspect it. The rides are checked daily and reports are filled in every morning before welcoming visitors,” said the director of the fun exhibition. “I am grateful for the prompt response from the park people and community, and I am very grateful that no injuries were reported.”

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