United States: The government will hire digital talent as part of the bill

The United States could usher in a new era in which blockchain technology would be used as a game-changer in many areas. We have already seen that this technology can be used in fields such as health, art and sports. Now it will be democratized in other areas, thanks to a new bill signed by President Joe Biden on Monday, December 27th.

Adoption of a bill on new technologies

On Monday, December 27, the current President of the United States, Joe Biden, gave his approval to a bill in favor of new technologies being implemented by the US administration. The plan was first approved by the US Congress before Joe Biden incorporated it into the country’s legal arsenal.

In this bill, the Ministry of Defense is expected to use all necessary measures Develop a digital health strategy Based on emerging technologies including blockchain. Admittedly, the document does not specifically mention blockchain and cryptocurrencies. However, since these tools are inseparable from the world of new technologies, it is clear that they are included in the bill.

“Digital Skills” Recruitment

The bill also includes the recruitment of people with specific skills to manage digital tools. Formally, the document refers to them by the expression “digital talents”. The Secretary of Defense must also provide the necessary evidence to the “Digital Recruitment Leader”. Appoint the right people.

The new bill is long-term valid. Its use covers the financial year running from 1stThere is October. What does that mean? This shows that the US government should release funds for thisSupport the launch of new solutions based on the latest technologies. Therefore, everything indicates that he is ready to support the inclusion of blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the US system. This is good news for investors.

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The US government will encourage blockchain and other innovative technologies that will allow new solutions to be developed in certain areas, such as healthcare. It is in this context that the US President signed a bill on Monday, December 27th.

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